Re: Support and Survival of the Arts in Jersey City

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/5/17 22:53:26

MartinM wrote:

Monroe wrote:
You think Fulop is going to hand over 100% of the hotel tax to an independent person to spend as an arts advocate? What exactly are you guys smoking to think that would ever happen?

Yes - Jersey City should dedicate the 3% hotel tax to the arts - that's $209,000. Not exactly a whopping number. New York City gives $178 million annually to the arts.

The NYC comparisons are so tiring...

NYC has 32 times the population of JC. Any number you throw out there when comparing JC to NYC should factor that in. Not to mention that due to economy of scales, their budget and other numbers/stats are entirely different than ours.

How much does our city spend on arts or arts-related programs? Is it more than 5.5 MM? If so, we are spending more than NYC. If it is less, perhaps we don't have the economy of scales to do better.

Hey, NYC had about 350 homicides each of the past few years... but we had about 25, more than twice as many per 100,000 residents. Why is that? We should have had about 21 instead.

As the saying goes... numbers don't lie, statistics do.

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