Re: Support and Survival of the Arts in Jersey City

Posted by MartinM on 2017/5/17 22:24:28

Monroe wrote:
You think Fulop is going to hand over 100% of the hotel tax to an independent person to spend as an arts advocate? What exactly are you guys smoking to think that would ever happen?

Yes - Jersey City should dedicate the 3% hotel tax to the arts - that's $209,000. Not exactly a whopping number. New York City gives $178 million annually to the arts.

Support from the city will boost credibility, allow arts non-profits to build internal operations as opposed to rely on earned income and income tied to programming, and position themselves to chase funding from larger foundation and government sources.

The arts are only sustainable when there is widespread support - including government, foundaiton and individuals. Heck?! Maybe even some JC Listers will start becoming arts patrons and audiences instead of spending all that productive time being snarky on these threads... Think of the possibilities!

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