Re: Jersey City seeking to commission dozens of murals citywide

Posted by JCAI on 2014/12/31 17:16:49
You have to use the system in order to destroy the system.

Actually what you wrote is the exact opposite of what I achieve. Anyone can see what they want in my work because it's not literal.

But of course, artists are not supposed to understand art. We're supposed to be one-trick monkeys performing tricks, drueling and sitting around being good followers waiting for someone like you to come around, recognize us, and pat us on the head telling us how good we are for following the rules.

Yeah, these ideas are dangerous. Which is obviously why they make you so angry.


Frank_M wrote:

JCAI wrote:
You're an illusionist and we are agents of chaos.

You're an agent of Narcissism whose work isn't good enough to stand on its own without excessively verbose pseudo-intellectual "philosophical essays” lecturing viewers about what they're supposed to perceive.

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