Re: Jersey City seeking to commission dozens of murals citywide

Posted by stc4blues on 2014/12/31 6:30:59


This painting is a play on the old master paintings of lords and nobility.
It's a reflection of today's nobles and oligarchs, the corporate people you speak of.
Thinking of a ruthless futuristic, abomination of a machine as a lord, an oligarch.
Not much different than what we have today I guess.

eye sore / trak am7

This painting is about the intellectual, cultural, and moral decay of a society.
A disgusting, incompetent blob-like thing with far-reaching tentacle - like limbs.
Not much different than the oligarchs you speak of.
Agents of corruption.
Agents of decadence.


That's the whole point of kitsch, grafitti, and street art. It doesn't want us to think deeper.
It's a deception just as much as these oligarchs you speak of. It's a logo. A one-trick pony.

The art world is in lock-step with the oligarchs you speak dumbing down the population.
Make the population stupid and you can make them believe and go along with anything.

Next time JCAI tries to convince you that they understand art better than you...well...they don't.
They just make it appear that way.

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I really don't care whether or not you (JCAI) like graffiti or street art. But you clearly don't know much about it. If you're going to criticize, do it from a position of knowledge, not self-regarding ignorance. And, please, stop parading century-old cliches as though they are profound truths you came up with only yesterday.

As for the "art world," sure it's corrupt. Is the Pope Catholic? What else is new? And that art world is not in the least threatened by your abstractions, even with the added electronics and crystals. When City Hall hung your paintings it was not striking a brave blow for aesthetic freedom, much less poking a stick in the eye of the Mayor's oligarchic backers.

Your prose is out there floating on a cloud of its own, blissfully unconnected either to the world or even to your art. As far as I can tell, it's pure unadulterated nonsense, albeit a bit clumsy.

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