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Posted by JCAI on 2014/12/31 1:34:32

fat-ass-bike wrote:
I wouldn't mind this mural in JC !

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I agree with your sentiment completely.
But politics in art has much more of an impact when it is metaphorical.
The art theory of today emphasizes the ironic and the literal, what this basically does is serves the people you despise.
Because after the one-trick message is applied, that's it, there's nothing more to it.
There is no further analysis.

Here is an example of political art that I do, all of these pieces are on exhibit at the Atrium Gallery right now.
Tyranny of Freedom and Age of Decadence are reserved for a featured exhibit at Maxwells the moment this exhibit is finished.
Tyranny of Freedom, Age of Decadence, Age of Decadence (Study) were exhibited in the summer at City Hall of Jersey City
in a 2-person exhibit on the 3rd floor.

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Tyranny of Freedom. Oil on Steel, Electronic Components, Crystals. 4' x 3'.

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Tyranny of Freedom (Study). Artist Crayon on Paper. 18" x 24".

This painting has a reflection of today's American government on a steady trajectory based on its behavior today into the future.
An American government with an open "resistance is futile. you will be assimilated" policy mentality.
Which is pretty much the mentality today, but just more subversive.
Just take a look at what our government and NATO does in Ukraine for example.

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Lord Machine. Oil on Steel, Electronic Components, Crystals. 4' x 3'.

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Lord Machine (Study). Ink on Paper. 18" x 24".

This painting is a play on the old master paintings of lords and nobility.
It's a reflection of today's nobles and oligarchs, the corporate people you speak of.
Thinking of a ruthless futuristic, abomination of a machine as a lord, an oligarch.
Not much different than what we have today I guess.

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Age of Decadence. Oil on Canvas. 4' x 3'.

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Age of Decadence (Study). Artist Crayon on Paper. 18" x 24".

This painting is about the intellectual, cultural, and moral decay of a society.
A disgusting, incompetent blob-like thing with far-reaching tentacle - like limbs.
Not much different than the oligarchs you speak of.
Agents of corruption.
Agents of decadence.

That's the whole point of kitsch, grafitti, and street art. It doesn't want us to think deeper.
It's a deception just as much as these oligarchs you speak of. It's a logo. A one-trick pony.
You can still look at these paintings and drawings I just posted and still come up with more interpretations, more analysis.
That's what separates mediocrity from high art. The art world is in lock-step with the oligarchs you speak dumbing down the population.
Make the population stupid and you can make them believe and go along with anything.
Next time an art historian tries to convince you that they understand art better than you...well...they don't.
They just make it appear that way.

True art is dangerous. That's why the art establishment doesn't want to promote it.

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