Re: Jersey City seeking to commission dozens of murals citywide

Posted by zerogains on 2014/12/30 17:52:00
I personally don't have an artistic opinion/critique for any of the mural initiatives I've seen downtown or otherwise in JC. What I can tell you, as a resident with a backyard facing an alley with many murals and cleanups organized, it is for the better.

Anything, and I mean anything, composed to look at, is better than racial slurs and 3AM "throwies" comprised of single line unintelligible wisps of spray paint.

I participated in the cleanup of my alley (firelane), which was organized by the city, primer paint donated and building owners asked for permission. We cleared out truckloads of garbage, glass, debris, furniture, needles etc. In a year there are many murals up, which are nice to look at. People walk their dogs and stop to take pictures. 3AM "throwies" and the always clever "poop f***" tags do not occur on the murals, they occur on the buildings of people who objected to the murals. Keep it up please.

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