Re: Jersey City seeking to commission dozens of murals citywide

Posted by JCAI on 2014/12/29 13:36:52

JCman24 wrote:

TheJSQuare wrote:
wow, the JCAI pretty much lost all credibility in two posts.

You should see his whining and shit talking on Twitter. For someone trying to start an art group he really excels at alienating people.

Not taking it from the ruthless art world doesn't equate to 'whining', alienating, or 'talking'.

Btw, if you are so easily offended so far, you should read my philosophical essays published on the site. At this rate, if you read them, you might need a parachute.

Welcome to the real world. The art world isn't as cozy and lovy-dovy as it appears on the surface. Just because we don't play ball, doesn't mean you need to throw a fit over it.

I get it. You like the way things are. Good luck with that.


stc4blues wrote:
ignorance about graffiti is embarrassment

Yeah, graffiti isn't that hard to figure's not even offensive, it's just really really awful. Illustrational, low-middle brow, marketable...

There's a reason the institution recognizes people like Banksy, because it gives them enough power to recognize artists only up to a certain point and also enough power to dismiss the artist...who go with the marketable flow...

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