Re: Donald Trump Solidifies World Peace

Posted by CatDog on 2018/6/13 14:39:51
I like how you completely missed most of the what's actually in the Iran deal

* Iran has to reduce the number of centrifuges by 75% from 20k to 5k
* Iran can't enrich uranium above 3.7% purity (weapons grade is 85%)
* Iran has to reduce their stockpile of uranium by 98%
* Inspectors are allowed at EVERY step in the supply chain from the mines to the transports to the storage to the reactors. The inspectors are present CONTINUOUSLY, and can also request access to any other location deemed suspicious, with 24 hours notice.

The Iran nuclear deal made it IMPOSSIBLE for Iran to make a nuclear weapon because inspectors would be present at every single step of the supply chain. Of course military bases are going to be off limits, but that's irrelevant, because inspectors would be monitoring mines and stockpiles, so it would not be possible to sneak entire nuclear plants into a military base without someone noticing.

What, you think North Korea is going to let inspectors into their military bases and concentration camps? Yeah right.

Thankfully our European friends are staying in the deal so there are still inspectors monitoring Iran's nuclear situation. Because if not, then by pulling out we have absolutely no oversight over their nuclear program and they can go right back to making weapons. Is that really a better proposition for you?

Probably the worst part of the situation is that the entire world has learned not to trust the US, because any treaty we sign can be cancelled by the next idiot to get elected. It is a huge blow to the US's place as the dominant power in the world, and hampers us diplomatically for generations to come.

And on a last note, you guys love to act as if Obama just gave Iran cash for nothing. It was their money to begin with, you morons. Obama didn't try to hide anything about "converting" the money to Iran. It was already Iran's money, being held in American banks. It was very publicly part of the deal that they would get their money back.

wtf do you think is going to be in this North Korea deal that you think will somehow make it better than the Iranian deal? Do you really think that Kim Jong Un is going to allow 24/7 inspectors full access to every prison camp and military base and house in the country? The NK deal - if one is ever reached - will be a pale shadow of what was achieved with Iran, and yet I'm sure you will be crowing from the roofs about how it's the deal of the century.

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