Re: Donald Trump Solidifies World Peace

Posted by Monroe on 2018/6/13 12:52:43

CatDog wrote:
Monroe, I *really* want to hear you summarize what is in the Iran Deal and why it's bad. And then I want you to summarize what is in the North Korea deal and why it's good. Please, I would really love to get your take on it. And I mean an actual summary of what's in it, not just "we gave everything away for nothing!"

Because I am absolutely certain that you have no idea what you're talking about.

First off, this is a first step. But in advance of that, we've gotten back three US citizens imprisoned by NK, they've halted missile testing, and have begun dismantling some of their nuke facilities. Our decision to stop (for now) the war exercises with SK is a sign of good faith, as were the NK actions taken already.

The difference between this and the Iran deal is that we will insist on true verification, unlike the Obama deal that had loopholes big enough to drive a semi loaded with centrifuges through. Military bases will be included, and we won't have to give advance notice like the lousy deal Obama 'negotiated'.

Further evidence found by Mossad about how the mullahs have been dodging the terms are well founded and accepted by the West. And the actions taken by Iran since the deal (increased aggression in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen) prove even more how they've used the cash Obama gave up, and the money they've made since the sanctions were relaxed has been used for things we oppose.

And the newly discovered information that the Obama administration tried to facilitate the Iranians from converting their released money through our banking system (when Obama said they'd be totally locked out of our banking system)-and US banks refused his request!-shows how Obama duped the US Congress and people.

It was a great deal-for the mullahs and the 'death to US/Israel' crowd.

This ain't gonna happen with President Trump-he's ready to walk away if NK starts to welch on the deal, unlike every previous POTUS, of either party, who tried to make peace on the Korean peninsula.

And please, yes, I know the NK govt represses its citizens. So does Iran, and Cuba. Yet Obama gave away the farm to both countries and got zero in return on human rights reform in those countries.

Edited to add that it's pretty funny to hear Bernie Sanders insist on Congress having to play a part in the NK negotiations, when Obama did his negotiating unilaterally bypassing Congress!

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