Re: Donald Trump Solidifies World Peace

Posted by Monroe on 2018/6/12 16:52:50

SOS wrote:
Comrades, finally Trump turns world right side up! Trump good buddies with dear leader Kim and also put that fking a-hole Canadian Trudeau in his Place. Trump knows who our real friends are unlike democrat liberal progressive Barak HUSSAIN Obama!

President Donald Trump is still angry at Justin Trudeau for a perceived slight during a speech by the Canadian prime minister following the G-7 meeting. ... ney/ar-AAyxq5G?li=BBnb7Kz

Trudeau is a chump, another long list of 'progressive' rich white dynastic kids who personify empty suits. Wait'll the ginger Kennedy kid is up at bat for the Dems, vast fortune and all.

In any case, the predatory Canadian tariffs will soon stop unfairly treating producers in the USA-after all, fair is fair.

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