Re: Donald Trump Solidifies World Peace

Posted by stillinjc on 2018/6/12 13:17:19

HeightsNative wrote:

JCman24 wrote:
Good *lord* you guys are thirsty for a win, aren't you.

I don't see that. Been many wins so far, one after another. I think the lefty's are dying of thirst for an L".

Look no further than Bill Maher, praying for a Recession, acknowledging it will hurt millions, just to get rid of Trump.

Trump derangement syndrome is indeed real. I didn't vote for the clown, but I do appreciate his ability to bring out the absolute worst in the mouth breathing, frothing progs.

Bingo. This show started on Election Day, and has continued uninterrupted ever since. Demonstrates how deranged the far left is. Like a man said - if Trump cured cancer, they'd vilify him for putting oncologists out of work.

What they don't realize is that Americans, contrary to far left's belief, are not stupid, and will conclude that these clowns are deranged, detached from reality, and unelectable.

4 more years!

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