Re: Donald Trump Solidifies World Peace

Posted by CatDog on 2018/6/12 12:25:52

Monroe wrote:
The difference is the concessions, Obama gave Iran the freaking farm, and look what they've done since the so-called accord-amped up terrorism all through the Mideast. Quite the accomplishment! Trump stands up the NKorean leader, and they end their war with the south, start tearing down their nuke sites, stop missile testing, hand back 3 American's held in prison, all without giving up a thing. MAGA for sure.
You know how I know that you got all your info on the Iran deal from FOX News and don't have a clue what the deal actually entails?

Seriously, I would love to hear you summarize what the details of the Iran deal are.

Also, lol at North Korea doing any of that because Trump "stood up" to them.

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