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Posted by neverleft on 2018/4/4 21:56:06
Hudson Reporter 3/3/2018:(Jersey City) Kiosks will provide information and revenue

“A plan to install information kiosks throughout the city has been delayed by state regulations and will also limit these to commercial areas.

Brian Platt, director of the city’s Office of Innovation, said a plan to install these around the city ran into a snag when the state Department of Transportation stepped in.

“We thought the state only controlled state roads,” he said. “But apparently they control what gets installed on all roads.”

The city has signed an agreement with Smart City Media to develop and install public information kiosks in Jersey City.

The company would install and maintain these, and the city will get a percentage of profit from the advertisements displayed on the kiosks.

The city, however, has to apply to the state for a permit for each of the kiosks, and the state apparently is only willing to permit the city to install them in commercial districts.

“Fortunately that’s where we intended to put them anyway,” Platt said.

Each kiosk will provide touch screen limited internet access to provide public information about the area, directions to points of interest and other such information.

Each will also provide free Wi-Fi connections within 200 feet of them, Platt said.”

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