Re: Is Downtown JC next? Out-Of-Town Drivers Banned From Using Leonia As Shortcut

Posted by bjay on 2018/2/6 19:09:23
+1 to Brewster's and T-Bird's idea. And +1 to Robin's point that this all could be done with license plate recognition.

And the problem of cut-through traffic likely will get even worse with the Jersey Avenue bridge. The software will need to be programmed so that anyone who exits at 14A, 14B or 14C, then enters the tunnel within an hour, gets a surcharge that is hefty enough to discourage use of the cut-through.

One hour sounds like the right interval to accommodate those who need to come into downtown JC to run an errand (such as a doctor's appointment) before proceeding to drive into Manhattan. We could try it, and modify the interval as necessary.

It would be great to figure out a way to get Waze and other GPS services to treat our local streets as closed.

And meanwhile, what about the suburban buses that exit at CC Blvd and then turn on Marin to go to the tunnel? Could we get them to modify their driving routes?


T-Bird wrote:

brewster wrote:
I've said this before, all you'd need to do to eliminate much of the through traffic is create a 1 hr EZ pass lockout or big surcharge at the Holland for anyone exiting the TPK at exits 14 A, B or C before the 12th st ramp. They'd need to put pass readers past the Columbus ramp, but the rest is software. Yes, cash payers can avoid it, but that brings it's own time penalty.

The tag system would never work here, our cops don't do traffic enforcement, apparently it's beneath them.

I've said the same thing, for years. It's a pretty simple, yet elegant solution.

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