Re: Is Downtown JC next? Out-Of-Town Drivers Banned From Using Leonia As Shortcut

Posted by I_heart_JC on 2018/1/22 22:07:07

brewster wrote:

jc_dweller wrote:
Am I understanding this correctly:
Move 14C tolls to the CC drive exit.
Add a new toll on the turnpike east of CC Drive (say, 14D)
Anyone who enters HT within x minutes of exiting 14A, B, or C gets charged (significantly) more than the person who goes from 14D to HT?

If so, I like it.
Only thing I don't like is TPK would get that $ rather than JC.

No moving of tolls, just new "express lane" type readers past the Columbus exit that catch the tags as they pass so they know when the cars get to the HT who used the 12th st ramp and not LSP or Columbus.

drivers can simply remove their EZ pass after going through the 14C toll, and replace it before going through the Holland.

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