Re: Is Downtown JC next? Out-Of-Town Drivers Banned From Using Leonia As Shortcut

Posted by T-Bird on 2018/1/22 15:57:14
Washington to 14th or 18th; west to Manila; south to 13th. Also: Monmouth to Coles to 16th to Jersey to 14th. Unless you are going to restrict the TPK cut through traffic as proposed below (which will not happen), then this will never get better. The only way to kill off the cut through traffic is to eliminate the ability to get onto 13th street from the south.

It will never happen. I'm just saying there is a way it could.

And frankly - I'm not sure we need to prioritize local access into the tunnel during rush hour. There is an abundance of transit options to get into the city. Should we orient our traffic patterns (and safety) for the few who either can't (or won't) avail themselves of them?

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