Re: USA added to list of persecuted Christians

Posted by Dolomiti on 2017/1/11 22:16:16

Yvonne wrote:
Alex C.
Recently Ellen DeGeneres disinvited a guest to her show because the woman who is a preacher talked about homosexuality in her church. Ellen is on public airwaves in which her show lease from the government with renewals. That was a violation. You are ignoring the crimes of the liberals.

Again, wrong.

Being a guest on Ellen's show is not protected. That aspect of her show is not open to the public. It's invite only, it's got a long history of exclusivity, and it's expressive.

What she can't do is bar people from the audience on the basis of their race, class, gender, religion or sexual orientation. That part is open to the public, and anyone can attend.

Leasing air from the government has absolutely nothing to do with whom Ellen can invite on her show. They are already subject to FCC rules, which don't require hosts to invite certain types of guests.

I.e. if your claim was correct, then I could barge into Fox News and demand to be a guest on Bill O'Reilly's show. Not only is such behavior not protected, it's not even a good idea.

It may be impolite or even unethical to disinvite someone based on their religious views, but it certainly is not a violation of civil rights laws.

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