Re: USA added to list of persecuted Christians

Posted by Yvonne on 2017/1/11 13:02:21

CatDog wrote:

Yvonne wrote:
One reason why the USA is on this list. Did same sex activists say same sex marriage would not harm anyone?

Their gay marriage did not harm anyone. The florist harmed themselves by refusing service to someone based on their sexual orientation. That's like saying a bully that got suspended for punching someone is being persecuted for his beliefs that he should be able to punch people.

Who are you to tell someone what to believe? You are bullying someone to tell that person to disregard their faith. It does not stop anyone from getting married. Government is giving one group super rights over another group. Besides, this is the reason the Pilgrims came here. To stop the tryanny of government telling them what to believe. The florist did serve gays and employed gays, but she did not want to violate her religion. This is the same government that tells parents you have the right not to give vaccines to your child which endangers the community but you must violate tenants of your faith. The USA deserves this slap in the face.

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