Re: 25 miles up the Hudson River -- the Indian Point nuclear power plant will be shut down.

Posted by Dolomiti on 2017/1/10 10:55:28

WhoElseCouldIBe wrote:

jerseymom wrote:

WhoElseCouldIBe wrote:
Oh good, now we can burn more fossil fuels.

Too many accidents at this facility - plus they built it on a major earthquake fault. I'm glad it's closing.

Closing it before building a replacement facility?

Hope you like burning a lot more fossil fuel and paying more for energy.

Actually, it looks like most of it will be replaced with increased transmission efficiency, hydro, and other sustainable energy sources.

NY State already has a target to generate 50% of its energy from sustainable sources. Closing Indian Point is not likely to thwart that goal.

Further, citing the potential benefits of nuclear doesn't make the problems of Indian Point go away.

It's too close to one of the most populated cities in the world; it's had lots of small leaks of radioactive isotopes into the Hudson; the cooling system kills fish in the Hudson; it turns out to be sited on top of a fault line.

While no one likes the idea of having a nuclear plant for a neighbor, if we really want another nuclear power plant, it ought to be somewhere else.

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