Re: NJ Democrats for Governor

Posted by JCMan8 on 2017/1/10 22:28:18

bodhipooh wrote:

RichMauro wrote:
The next governor will be forced into recognizing that the legalization of marijuana will help New Jersey with its crushing debt situation.

I think Murphy has already endorsed the idea. We know that legislators led by Sweeney have intentions of getting it before the state in 2018.

Why not?

Legalizing marijuana will not be the solution to budget problems. You are projecting a rosy scenario based on the assumption of a static scenario. If NJ legalizes marijuana in 2017, you can be almost assured that NYS will do the same shortly thereafter. There is already a lot of pressure in Albany to take up the idea after the voters in MA voted in favor of legalization. There is no way NYS will sit back and allow MA and NJ to reap all the benefits of increased tax revenues from such a move. So, yes, NJ would see some increase in revenue from the taxation of marijuana legalization, but that gravy train will not last long amid competition from other states in the area.

All he said was that legalization would "help" with the budget problems.

I find it hard that anyone could disagree.

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