Re: NJ Democrats for Governor

Posted by stateaidguy on 2017/1/9 10:54:15

None of the Democrats has a real plan on NJ's debt crisis, property tax crisis, and economic stagnation.

Lesniak and Wisniewski voted against Chapter 78 and Murphy has said he would have. Without Chapter 78 and the suspension of COLAs, NJ's unfunded liability over 30 year would be tens of billions of dollars higher. Chapter 78 also had a provision making health insurance cost sharing by public employees mandatory - a move that has taken a lot of pressure off of school districts.

The three of them talk about a "millionaire's tax" to solve NJ's fiscal problems, but the OLS's estimate if that if you increase the top bracket from 8.97% to 10.75% you only bring in $600 million.

Since NJ's deficit against the actuarially recommended contribution is now $3 billion, $600 million is nowhere near adequate.

Murphy's solution to NJ's problems is "economic growth," but NJ's relative economic stagnation goes back much farther than Christie's term and I fail to see a reason why the same policies that have fallen flat in Connecticut (under progressive governor Dannel Malloy) would be more effective in New Jersey.

I think the Murphy/Wisniewski/Lesniak $15 an hour minimum wage would be damaging to the economy too, especially to businesses that compete against businesses in other states. It would wreck agriculture and hurt call centers and manufacturing.
How can NJ have a $15 an hour minimum wage when Pennsylvania's is only $7.25?

IMO, the best choice for governor is Jack Ciattarelli.

Ciattarelli supports cost-sharing for pension recipients getting pensions in excess of $50,000 a year. He supports dropping NJ's "Platinum Plus" healthcare for active employees down to the Obamacare "Gold Level."

Ciattarelli also supports raising taxes on the rich, but the health insurance reform frees up over $2 billion.

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