Re: NJ Democrats for Governor

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/1/8 13:29:29

Monroe wrote:

RichMauro wrote:
Is it true that Wisniewski initiated the traffic cameras?

And he was supported $ by the red light camera companies. He also tried to introduce the 'you get a ticket if you're caught holding a coffee cup/soda' in your hand while driving.

Typical nanny state mentality and policies...

Somehow our parents and their parents managed to get through life and build up this country while sipping their coffee, and holding up maps to navigate their way, while driving.

But, that law was not an outlier... sadly, we find ourselves in the midst of unprecedented government intrusion into our lives, with silly laws that restrict or dictate everyday stuff that is suddenly considered illegal or worthy of regulations, even silly things like kids not being allowed to set up a lemonade stand (to make some money selling lemonade) without a permit.

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