Re: Trump Our New President

Posted by drifterx on 2017/8/3 17:44:13
Pitting one minority group against another is the best distraction the majority, especially the powerfully rich, can come up with to hide their BS. Asians should be just as pissed about the white privileged getting in through legacy admissions or any other but nooo, let's focus on the tiny scraps that other minorities get over them. I argue that there are just as many people aggrieved by affirmative action as by legacy admissions. I dare you to prove otherwise. I ask again, where is the Department of Justice on legacy admissions? Why are the Kushners and Trumps of the world getting ahead of the Jias? I think if we take away affirmative action, you will truly see how ugly legacy admissions really are.

Now back to Trump, "Grand jury issues subpoenas related to June 2016 Trump Tower meeting" ... ng-report/article/2630570

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