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Posted by Pebble on 2017/8/3 16:57:53

JCMan8 wrote:
Affirmative action is a racist policy that discriminates against Asians the most.

In fact, a bunch of Asians sued Harvard for this racism, and the case is ongoing. ... rmative-action-1501785317

And guess what they're looking for?

"Asian students recently asked Harvard for data showing academic performance of enrolled students by ethnicity."

Uh-oh, I have a feeling many people here won't like the results of this data!

Another good quote:

"The lawsuit’s allegations formed the basis for a separate complaint against Harvard filed in 2015 by a coalition of 64 Asian-American groups. On Wednesday, the Justice Department announced it would begin an investigation of the complaint, which was filed with the department’s civil rights division and other government agencies."

The bottom line is this racism has gone on for long enough. President Trump might finally be able to end it, if the Asians are not.

Affirmative Action exists due to centuries of racism that prevented individuals from attending colleges based purely on skin color.

More Asians are kept out of schools because of the George W Bushes, The Donald Trumps and the Al Gores of this world than because of a few black kids.

Why aren't you bemoaning the fact that Bush got into a school despite not being qualified? Why aren't you mad that Gore got into a school despite his grades? Why aren't you mad that Trump got into a school despite his grades (and clear stupidity)?

I know people that I went to high school with that were in the bottom 50% but went to top schools due to their parents' wealth. I have ZERO problem with a minority student getting in with possibly lower grades.

Then again, you're the boards foremost racist so I'm certain none of those white privileged kids bother you in the slightest...

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