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Posted by Pebble on 2017/8/3 15:02:46

TheBigGuy wrote:

Pebble wrote:
I find it quite funny how delicate and pathetic the white males are on this message board. Seriously, colleges are predominantly white but a few people get a chance to better themselves and they cry foul. There has never been a white person denied a college education due to a minority getting into one school.

The fact that they decide to continue their racist agenda really shows how pathetic they are.

What happened to "picking yourself up by your boot straps" or "overcoming obstacles"? Seems that those slogans only apply to minorities.

Such a sad lot you people are. Your wittle feewings were hurt...

More progressive racial double talk ... "There has never been a white person denied a college education due to a minority getting into one school."

A "college education" and "college admission" are very carefully chosen phrases... there have been white people denied college admission to the college of their choice because of minority preferences, over academic performance.

This practice has been upheld by SCOTUS. If these little white racist students wanted to pick themselves up by their bootstraps, perhaps they should consider attending a HWCU?

If those white students were better students then they would have beaten out other white students in order to get into the school of their choice. They FAILED to do so. As such, they bemoan the fact that someone else gets a chance.

It's a pity that you fall into the category of protecting the poor wittle delicate snowflake that wasn't smart enough to get into the school they wanted to.

Additionally, I want to point out that Duke, Notre Dame and whole host of other schools provide college slots to white students that wouldn't have gotten into the school if it wasn't for their athletic ability. Many of those students wouldn't have been accepted to the school based on academics alone. Instead, they got there through athletics and barely passing the minimum academic requirements. Why aren't you bemoaning this policy?


Azul_the_Cat wrote:
Now we have the full transcript of Trump's phone calls with Mexican President Nieto and Australian Prime Minister Turnbull.

Trump admits he is in a tough spot, politically, with all those chants of making Mexico pay for his border wall. He sounds like a child asking Mexican President Nieto not to say that "Mexico will not pay for the wall".

When Trump has Prime Minister Turnbull on the phone, Trump doesn't seem to understand the details of this agreement between the US and Australia; even after Prime Minister Turnbull tries to explain it several times. All he can think about is himself and how he will look to his supporters.

I guess, at the end of the day, how Trump looks to his supporters is all he cares about. Then again, it is par for the course for politicians to only care about their base. I guess Trump is just like the rest of the politicians in the swamp after all.

The transcripts are comical. Trump is shown for the complete moron that he is. Turnbull is trying to explain that he simply can't take refugees that come by boat and Trump cannot understand. The explanation of human trafficking is too complicated for his simple brain.

I also loved how he said that he knows how to build cheaply. Basically, what he does is not pay the labor bill! So, yeah, when you refuse to pay certainly contractors money, it certainly does come out cheaper! He can't simply do that when you are the United States Government.

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