Re: Trump Our New President

Posted by Monroe on 2017/1/11 12:45:50

hero69 wrote:

neverleft wrote:
Another excellent press conference by President elect Trump.

Loved how he went after CNN about their fake news.
i'm just waiting for my tax cut. screw the deficit? saw a presentation by doubleline's jeff gundlach where the us deficit is projected to rise to ~140% of gdp/gnp by 2020, up from ~75% (or something like that) from 2016-end

and who is gonna build all this new infrastructure? central americans, if not mexicans?

Due to debt service on the fact that Obama DOUBLED the national debt in his two terms? Every POTUS prior to Obama added to the debt, and Obama took it and doubled it. With little to show for it, no highways, no airports, no rail lines, no bridges-still wondering what happened to all those shovel ready jobs.

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