Re: Trump Our New President

Posted by hero69 on 2017/1/11 9:39:52

Azul_the_Cat wrote:

TheBigGuy wrote:
More smoke and mirrors from the Left and MSM lapdogs. Not only did they get played on this unsubstantiated report, but I would have to conclude that there is no hard evidence linking the Russian Govt. to hacking HRC, John Podesta and the DNC. along with "rigging the election"

Was that not the original intent of the briefings? If there was a smoking gun wouldn't these hacks better serve the country reporting on that evidence rather than publishing unsubstantiated reports?
well, how do you think donald keeps his hair so golden?

I have not read the classified intelligence briefing, so I can't really say what, if any, hard evidence there is that Russia was involved. If you have read the briefing please share what info you can with us without compromising national security.

I do agree that we should stick to reporting actual evidence rather than making shite up out of thin air. For the record, I don't buy any of this latest BS about Trump in Russia with golden showers.

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