Re: what's the status of White Eagle Hall?

Posted by bodhipooh on 2015/8/7 17:55:00

JCTCenter wrote:
Hi everyone,

I think we are all very excited and hopeful about the opening of White Eagle Hall. I assure you, however long it takes, we will open. There are always things in construction that are out of our control, but we are now moving along steadily. I know it must be nerve racking not being able to see all of the work going on inside, but contractors are there every day. Keep in mind, there is an intricate project that needs careful oversight for sound isolation, specialized wiring, specialized sound, a lot of restoration so its a bit more complicated than a usual space.

We are really trying to give White Eagle Hall a 21st century functionality and at the same time preserve as much of the historical elements as we can. In the meanwhile, Merseles Studios have recently re-opened, and we are programing some play readings, shows, gallery openings and other interesting events. I definitely suggest signing up for our mailing list and following us on Facebook for updates on both White Eagle Hall and Merseles Studios!

It's been three months since the last update. Anything to report!? Quickly losing hope here. Any chance you will open before the year is over? Or, are you now shooting for Spring 2016??

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