Re: U.S. Sen. Menendez - new federal investigation

Posted by Stringer on 2018/1/21 18:28:21

Feds intend to retry Menendez and Melgen 'at the earliest possible date'

By MATT FRIEDMAN  - Updated 01/19/2018 05:26 PM EST

Two months after a jury failed to reach a verdict in the federal corruption case against Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez and co-defendant Salomon Melgen, the Justice Department on Friday said it wants to retry them — and soon.

“The United States files this notice of intent to retry the defendants and requests that the Court set the case for retrial at the earliest possible date,” reads the one-paragraph notice signed by AnnaLou Tirol, acting chief of the department's public integrity section. “Defendants Robert Menendez and Salomon Melgen have been indicted for bribery and corruption by two separate grand juries properly impaneled in the District of New Jersey. The first trial ended in a mistrial with a deadlocked jury. An early retrial date is in the best interests of the public, and the United States is available to schedule a retrial at the Court’s earliest convenience.”

Menendez, New Jersey's senior senator, is up for reelection this year. ... justice-department-350904

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