Re: U.S. Sen. Menendez - new federal investigation

Posted by TheBigGuy on 2017/7/28 18:39:09

Monroe wrote:
Best case scenario-quick trial, Menendez out, Governor Christie replaces him with himself!

Worst case scenario, but still fun-case stalls till the election, Murphy gets to do the replacing, and Fulop gets in a steel cage fight with Torricelli over the appointment.

Not sure a Christie self appointment could be described as a best case scenario, he would vote against Trump every time. Which might be fun to watch a couple times.

I would pay to see your steel cage match. Since convicted felons like the Torch qualify, let's throw in Kushner Senior to keep conversation lively... could we get Russian judges?

And the democrats kept Frank Lautenberg on life support long enough to hold the other senate seat for Booker... can he rise from the dead again as an very long shot? Doubtful any of the other zombies on the senate floor would notice.

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