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Utterly AMAZING as to the dearth of commentary on my latest post. Would have expected a total onslaught, replete with Anti-Semetic accusations. Might that be to those who agree but are AFRAID to speak out against Israel, lol? Nonetheless, quite obvious indeed is the impact. Let this percolate for now, and check yourself as to your opinion that Israel is worth a dime.

Because people, it is TOTALLY okay to speak AGAINST Israel. the research is overwhelming.

I think of you as the crazies that stand at the corners of heavily transited areas (like the Port Authority Bus Terminal) proclaiming the imminent return of Jesus, and how everyone needs to repent. They are also ignored by every person walking by. It never occurred to me that crazies concluded "quite obvious indeed is the impact" and felt confident that people were "percolating" their deep thoughts. A deranged mind is a sad thing, but quite intriguing to observe, as well.

The only difference between Score and Borisp is the side of the political spectrum that they sit on...

Look, you know as well as I do that the only thing common between me and Score is that you don't like either of us. Nothing else. He's antisemite, I'm not xenophobic in the slightest (in fact, you are a very hateful person and much closer to him in this respect than I am). He's raving, I'm arguing (in fact, you never explain your declarations and are much closer to him in this respect as well). Politically, as you noted yourself, he's on your side of the spectrum.

Even the reasons you don't like us are different! You don't like me because I reason my side. You don't like him because he shows how much of your side is just pure hate.

Your reading comprehension is about as awful as it gets. If you think I “hate” you, you’re way off base. I’d never seen anyone that thinks they are so smart put forward such poor arguments. Your clownish warm-up act to make people laugh. You aren’t someone I take seriously. How can someone hate a clown?

I don’t have to argue you or provide information to counter what you write. That would imply what you write isn’t completely absurd on its face. If you want an example, just look at when you tried comparing the American Civil War to the Iraq War.

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