Re: U.S. Sen. Menendez - new federal investigation

Posted by score09 on 2015/4/26 23:25:12
Does Alan Dershowitz matter? The same insolently outspoken "American Jew"(as opposed to Irish-American, African-American, Italian-American, Polish-American or Japanese-American...all of which place emphasis on AMERICAN as opposed to JEW) who has the TEMERITY to challenge an American President committed to the peaceful acceptance of the state of Israel, lol? A State which now fights against the VERY PLAUSIBLE concept of illegitimacy? A question of LEGITIMACY, lol. Harvard Law Professor Dershowitz is a total scumbag.

When the revolution comes (and trust me will) this Harvard Law Professor will be burned at the stake. And a certain country on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean will be wiped off the map.

Dershowitz is a virulent agent of oppression, robot makes my stomach turn. So pathetic! AMERICA and its allegiances, lol.

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