Re: U.S. Sen. Menendez - new federal investigation

Posted by TheBigGuy on 2015/4/8 19:09:19
Not sure why you keep mentioning Hannity. You make personal attacks and unsubstantiated claims citing “empirical data” with no evidence. Your circle of friends must think you are brilliant when you toss out these empty multi-syllable words / phrases. I can only assume transcribing your HuffPo talking points you lost the empirical evidence? But it is good that you don't let the facts and logic get in the way of your fairytale viewpoints of the world. The sanctions have not stopped Putin's global ambitions and BTW there would not be any Ukraine crisis if the Obama Administration had not encouraged the overthrow of a legitimately elected Ukraine government. Another foreign policy victory for this President.

I find it rather comical that it is factually pointed out that the sanctions on Russia have been working and your response is to go with “blindly following” and “naïve.” Maybe in your world it isn’t possible to consider one thing positive and be negative on something else. However, I happen to live in the real world. This would be the world where individual actions can be viewed separate from others.

I also have no idea what your article has to do with Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Your statement is “Tell me again about Obama having the Russians under control”. Since you quoted my comment, maybe you can point where in my comment that I wrote the words you are stating?

Maybe next time you want to post yet another BS strawman argument, you can keep me out of it. I prefer actual honest discussion over right wing echo chamber circle jerking. As I said before, turn off Hannity sometime. The man is less educated than a mule.

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