Re: U.S. Sen. Menendez - new federal investigation

Posted by TheBigGuy on 2015/4/7 7:13:49
Nice rebuttal of facts... oh that's right it's all Bush's fault. This is not hard to figure out, most global bad actors have figured out Obama. At least he did not "draw a line" in the sand as the March 31st date passed.


Pebble wrote:
TheBigGuy wrote:
Another administration lie, this "deal" is only a framework to keep on talking (delaying for the Iranians) The Iranians aren't serious about anything except their threats to destroy Israel and the West. I can't imagine what is said behind WH doors when they make a public statement about progress in talks and minutes later Iranian refute or deny everything the WH just said publicly. Very scary times. The Obama admin has risked what's left of any credible foreign policy on those crazy bastards. That is why they would like the bi-partisan coverage, to blame the Republicans when it fails and iran is lobbing nuke devices all over the ME at their enemies.

Turn off Fox News sometime.

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