Re: Chris Christie 'Suspiciously Connected' To Revenge Traffic Jam

Posted by 135jc on 2017/7/13 12:46:10

Azul_the_Cat wrote:
I guess delayed emergency response times, double and sometime triple the normal response time, is no big deal? How would you feel if you needed paramedics to come give you life saving help, or if your house was on fire, or you were being assaulted by someone and the emergency response took double or triple the amount of time to get to you? Is that a "nothing berger"? If your friends or family died because of a couple closed lanes, would you still think it was no big deal? Or, do you only care about something if it directly impacts you? Get some perspective on your life and have the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes.

Again! Where was you outrage when Fulop attempted the same at the Holland Tunnel?

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