Re: Chris Christie 'Suspiciously Connected' To Revenge Traffic Jam

Posted by SOS on 2017/3/29 11:27:44
Looks like Christie finally landed a job in the Trump Administration!

Christie to take on role in Trump's fight against obesity in the heartland: report 3/29/2017

By Rebecca Savransky

Christie to take on role in Trump's fight against the obesity epidemic in the heartland: report Provided by The Hill.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will take on a role in President Trump's White House to combat the country's obesity epidemic, ABC News reported, citing White House officials.

A draft order, obtained by Politico, talks about forming a commission to make recommendations related to treatment of obesity and promoting a healthy, low fat diet in the heartland.

The president rarely spoke about tackling the country's obesity epidemic during his campaign. During the hectic campaigning candidate Trump subsisted mostly on fast food - which included his favorites - McDonalds and KFC.
Trump told Anderson Cooper in February 2016 that McDonald's was "great stuff" during a Republican presidential town hall.

A source in the White House speaking off the record said that it was an ideal fit - having Christie to head up the new commission. "Christie is a big man. He's been facing a struggle with obesity for much of his adult life. I can't think of anyone else that could fill the large role that this job requires."

The president told The Wall Street Journal during a past interview that "at some point, we're going to do something with Chris that will have something to do with what he know best."

Last month, the New Jersey governor dined with the president at the White House, where they discussed the country's obesity epidemic. Mr. Christie started the meal with an appetizer of foie gras followed by broccoli soup, stuffed hazelnut mushroom, and sweet potato with Parmesan. For his first entry he had lobster burger with Gruyere and Green Chili Mayonnaise, followed by orange glazed duck breast for the second entree, and for dessert assorted tropical fruit and aged cheese. ... e-white-house-job-2346632

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