Re: Jersey City school board votes to allow members with conflicts of interest to vote on teachers union

Posted by brewster on 2019/3/11 12:46:41

DanL wrote:
while I believe that this decision is not in the best interest of the education system and conflicts of interest come with a heavy cost, however, Jersey City teachers are NOT among the highest paid in the state. They make more than 88%, not 98% of districts. Median salary is $75,760, ranked 80th in districts in NJ, 3rd in Hudson behind, Hoboken and Harrison.

Ah, I misremembered, it's actually >93% of, as I said, equivalent districts. But since when is more than even 88% "NOT among the highest paid in the state."???

Per Pupil Ranking Within Group (2017-18 budget): 91|98


bodhipooh wrote:
it bears repeating that JC residents have shown incredible apathy to these issues because they are shielded from the spiraling school costs as a result of our budget being mostly shouldered by the state. If for every $1 increase we only pay 16 cents, people just don't have enough of an incentive (or don't feel enough pain) to complain and demand accountability.

This actually bears a striking resemblance to how insured Americans have been indifferent to skyrocketing healthcare costs. I still don't fathom how the state returned control when we're so obviously spending out of control, and how they didn't rein it in over the >25 years they had control.

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