Re: Jersey City school board votes to allow members with conflicts of interest to vote on teachers union

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Jersey City school board votes to allow members with conflicts of interest to vote on teachers union pact

JERSEY CITY — The school board voted Thursday to allow its members who were supported by the local teachers union to vote on the new union contract, which could be finalized later this year.

The approved measure is known as the doctrine of necessity, which is invoked when a quorum of the board has conflicts of interest that prevent it from voting on a specific matter. Absent Thursday’s action, only four board members would be able to vote on the teachers union contract because the other five have conflicts. The contract expires in June.

Thursday’s measure was approved with little discussion by a 7-1 vote, with Matt Schapiro voting no. He is one of the non-conflicted members. ... -teachers-union-pact.html

The foxes are voting on who should be allowed in the henhouse. You can't make this shit up. We pay our teachers more than 98% of equivalent NJ districts. Why is that?

Why is that? Well, I think this has been explained before: in addition to the power of entrenched interests (and the obvious malfeasance of the BOE "taking care of their own") it bears repeating that JC residents have shown incredible apathy to these issues because they are shielded from the spiraling school costs as a result of our budget being mostly shouldered by the state. If for every $1 increase we only pay 16 cents, people just don't have enough of an incentive (or don't feel enough pain) to complain and demand accountability.

Of course, now that the reval was completed and the rate came out so low, the party is slowly grinding to a halt. In very short time, we will likely see a doubling of our school taxes, which will translate into a 25% increase of our property taxes. That should get people's attention. And, that would only amount to JC residents shouldering 33% of the local BOE budget. If we were asked/forced to pay half of our BOE budget, we could be staring at a tripling of our school taxes, which would equal a 50% bump in property taxes. Imagine the bitching and moaning then.

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