Re: N.J. city shuts down burlesque show, citing obscenity laws

Posted by hero69 on 2018/4/4 17:04:04
and sleaze is not fun? wanna go to amsterdam or bangkok or nairobi or rio with me. how about rome or london...sleaze is everywhere. maybe even in your garage!Quote:

Yvonne wrote:

hero69 wrote:
times square in the 80's had character. lol. besides, i don't think the times square crowd of the 80's was looking for burlesqueQuote:

Yvonne wrote:
I agree that there are worse things on the internet but I also remember Times Square in the 1960s to the 1980s. It was crime ridden due to the strip clubs, peep shows and other sexual attractions. As archaic as those laws are, they might prevent JC from becoming a Times Square from the past.

Only someone on jclist can romanticize crime as having character. It was a sleazy time.

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