Contract for Carepoint

Posted by Yvonne on 2018/1/11 9:57:06
The public missed the action at the council meeting on approving an ordinance (18-048). A contract was renewed to Carepoint for medical exams for a little more than $200,000. Councilman Yun did not like the fact that Carepoint contributed to the mayor's pac and the place, 10 Exchange in Paulus Hook had no parking for employees. Councilman Boggiano did not like the fact that the Medical Center was not notified of the bid. Councilman Solomon asked about this contract from the city's attorney said if the city did not approve, they would sue. The city council do not have their own attorney and must rely on the advice of the mayor's attorney. It is similar to divorcing parties using the same lawyer and the one who pays the lawyer's fee gets what he/she wants.

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