Re: pre-paying 2018 taxes

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/1/8 14:52:10

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some states are forcing utilities to give tax savings to consumers...where is nj, ny, calif, connecticut and other states on this? ... y-for-lower-utility-bills

PSEG wants rate increase to subsidize nuclear power

It's a smart/savvy move by PSE&G to start making the case for increased rates before any talk of reduced rates is started by being asked to pass along the savings from a reduced corporate rate. The linked news article predates passage of the tax reform bill, but by then it was widely considered a done deal that the bill would pass, and that it would include a substantial drop in the corporate rate.

Also, hard to believe the head of PSE&G is getting paid just shy of 10MM per year! Wow.

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