Re: Legal Weed Is Coming to New Jersey

Posted by 135jc on 2018/4/13 20:44:46

brewster wrote:

mpwJC wrote:
I reached out to him on Facebook as well. The article doesn't explain any of his possible reasoning for being against legalization, so I'll let him make his case, but I will vote against him in every election if he isn't in favor of something the vast majority of NJ and Hudson County supports.

Half this opposition is just spineless pols afraid of being painted "soft on crime" in the next election. That's why only in Vermont was legalization passed by the legislature, all the rest were plebiscites where they could claim it wasn't them that did it.

Really? How do u know that? Do u really think it is safe to pass? There is no way currently to regulate driving while high. That doesn't seem to be a win win to me!

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