Re: Legal Weed Is Coming to New Jersey

Posted by Stringer on 2018/3/5 5:47:33

On marijuana, why help criminals keep their monopoly? | Moran

The latest head-count in the Senate offers sobering news for those working to legalize marijuana in New Jersey. Only five senators said yes, from a total of 40.

"We need to slow this thing down," says Sen. Ron Rice (D-Essex), chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus, who is holding public hearings to drum up more opposition.

Great. The criminal prohibition against weed is as crazy and destructive as the prohibition against alcohol in the 1920s, and we just may stick with it.

Both prohibitions taught millions of decent people to ignore the law of the land. They both allowed bad guys with guns to make a fortune. And today, we add a modern twist by imprisoning African-Americans for weed crimes at three times the rate of whites. ... s_keep_their_monopol.html

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