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Posted by mpwJC on 2018/1/24 15:40:32

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Guess I need to find the phone number for his office....

One of his concerns is "what message do we send our children?" if we legalize. I would say the message is we'll no longer waste public resources and destroy lives jailing people for using or distributing an intoxicant far less harmful than those currently legal: alcohol and tobacco.

I smoked pot in HS and college with people who went on to be high powered hedge funders, lawyers, doctors, and one who was a GWB appointed US District Attorney. Law enforcement has destroyed far more lives than cannabis has. And we haven't even touched on the race and class bias in that enforcement.
There is actual data out there nowadays regarding the impact of marijuana legalization on the use of marijuana by children. We are no longer living in a country where everyone can say "what if?" to the hypothetical scenario of marijuana legalization.

In 2002, recreational marijuana was illegal in all 50 states. Medical marijuana was allowed in only a few states. That year, 8.2% of Americans aged 12-17 used marijuana in the past month, per the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

In 2016, recreational marijuana was legal or in the process of becoming legal in Colorado, Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Medical marijuana was legal in over half of all states. That year, 6.5% of Americans aged 12-17 used marijuana in the past month. ... -2016/NSDUH-FFR1-2016.pdf

Legalizing a substance for adult use doesn't preclude adults from continuing to teach children the dangers of drug and alcohol use and abuse. Defending prohibition based on some false narrative about protecting the children is a stance not based in reality and is frankly insulting in 2018.

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