Re: Legal Weed Is Coming to New Jersey

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2018/1/20 12:04:03

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Some may need to contact their state representatives.

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Thanks, email sent to Stack.
I reached out to him on Facebook as well. The article doesn't explain any of his possible reasoning for being against legalization, so I'll let him make his case, but I will vote against him in every election if he isn't in favor of something the vast majority of NJ and Hudson County supports.

I left him a voicemail on his cell and he surprisingly called me back. Him and I had a debate for about 10 minutes on the issue. He feels there haven't been enough hearings and the anti-legalization crowd (do they even really exist in large numbers?) hasn't been given any voice. He also cited some "quality of life" concerns and cited his mayorship of Union City as another point of opposition. He also used the "slippery slope" argument, as in "Oh, what's next, are we going to legalize cocaine after this?"

He also cited the revenue just being squandered/wasted, so I told him why doesn't he just introduce an amendment to ensure those funds aren't fungible and are only dedicated to one purpose (i.e. NJ Transit, education, property tax releif, etc). I also mentioned there are no studies that indicate MJ is any more harmful than the already legal drug of alcohol and given that Hudson County has a huge AA population, this demographic (which are also a huge chunk of his constituents) would benefit greatly.

I told him his view as of now was wildly out of touch with what his constituents actually want and cited Phil Murphy's margin of victory (which he dismissed as simply and anti-Christie/Trump vote and not an endorsement of legal mj).

In the end he didn't sound like firm no, but he definitely needs some more pressure from his constituents to get him on the right side of this issue. If you haven't contacted him, I would do so ASAP.

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