Re: Legal Weed Is Coming to New Jersey

Posted by TheBigGuy on 2018/1/14 12:49:01

jerseymom wrote:
I know that "traditional" smokers are not a protected class, and landlords can write and enforce no-smoking provisions in their leases. Are people who are allowed "medical marijuana" a protected class? Can a landlord prohibit them from renting a home?

Interested in knowing the legal issues here - particularly those related to other tenants' health, second-hand smoke, and residual smoke impact on the living space.

I just wish people would stop asking logical questions related to how this cannabis decriminalization / sales process will work. All you need to know is that everyone in Oregon, California and Colorado are very happy with their laws and that these types of illegitimate obstructionist questions are only delaying the will of the people. And yes... cannabis users will become a protected class because of the taxes they will be paying.

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