Re: Jersey City's approach to legalization:

Posted by JPhurst on 2018/1/14 0:29:09

hero69 wrote:
perhaps the na's will take a nimby approach, or maybe next. was there a lot of na resistance in other states/cities that allow municipal marijuana. i would think ideal locations would be along the commercial strips Quote:

dr_nick_riviera wrote:
Time to for supporters to pack the NA meetings and demand they be allowed to be opened Downtown. The NIMBYs in those groups will relegate these shops to dangerous and obscure parts of the city if they can and will most likely use hyperbolic "think of the children arguments" to get the city to comply.

Traditionally in Jersey City planning and zoning boards will suggest that property and business owners visit the neighborhood associations to iron out any concerns. Often cafe/restaurant owners will make nice and bring free baked goods or the like to these meetings. I wonder how this will now play out.....

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