Re: Hudson County (Live?) Election Results - JC runoff Dec 5th, 2017

Posted by neverleft on 2017/12/5 21:46:31

HeightsNative wrote:
Steve loses ground in the council. Well done folks!!

How so he has Ward B back. Duh. The final loss for Healy’s Clone Matsikoudis looks like he is done in JC for good. It must be painful for you a loss in 2013 and 2017.

12/5/2017 JJ “The results mean that during his second term Fulop will have a 6-3 majority on the council, which is how he started this campaign.”

Hey HN are you going to stop stalking me now that the election is over? I am really not going to post much as Sound Machine on until the next election or to defend JC. What will you do? After all how someone could post 390 replies to my posts for over a year (and call me Bruce) within minutes of me posting them is amazing you will be lost without me. What will you do with your waiting time? Good luck. Oh yeah and following me over here and “outing” me is truly creepy. (everyone knew who I was already ha ha)


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