Re: Give Mayor Fulop the hat trick with wins in Wards A, B, and C on Dec 5th, 2017

Posted by neverleft on 2017/12/4 11:51:32

Yvonne wrote:
I am not in favor of rubber stamps.

Wow thanks for the video so it is showing that John is in line with 80% of the Jersey City voters (3 to 1 in every Ward) in saying that there isn’t really a Fulop administration initiative that should not have been done.

A little surprised with your Hanussak support I thought as a JC old- tim….err…I mean… JC long-timer like Rich ‘NO vote’ Boggiano you would be supporting him.

Vote for Mayor Fulop’s 3 City Council picks in Wards A, B, and C on December 5th. By winning the city wide vote with 78% and Wards A, B, and C with 74%,79%, and 79% respectively I think voters recognize all the good he has done for JC in the last 4 years. Those numbers prove how he has broken down the “Tale of Two Cities” (sorry Earl),JC old-timers hate interlopers (we don’t) , and the rt 78 (good and bad sections) boundary BS. Give him the YES votes to take JC even further. Ain’t nothing wrong with a rubber stamp if you have the right leader cutting it.


Denise Ridley FORWARD A Council 3A

Mira Prinz-Arey FORWARD B Council 3A

John Hanussak FORWARD C Council 1A

+ Rebecca Symes FORWARD E Council 1A


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