Re: Give Mayor Fulop the hat trick with wins in Wards A, B, and C on Dec 5th, 2017

Posted by user1111 on 2017/11/18 12:30:52

neverleft wrote:
IMHO… I see nothing wrong with a rubber stamp City Council when you have the right forward thinking leader at the top. I don’t think there has been a bad decision made in the last 4 years by Mayor Fulop and his City Council. Everything they passed moved the city one step forward.

Yes sometimes rubber stamp City Councils are bad look at what we had with Healy. He had a rubber stamp City Council for close to 9 years. Bad leader at the top bad or no results from the City Council. (GIGO) I recall the Healy controlled City Council with Council President Peter Brennan passing an ordinance to shut then Councilman Fulop down. I think it was dubbed the anti-Fulop ordinance. It stated that an ordinance couldn’t be reintroduced again for 6 months after it was voted down. (which most of Councilman Fulop’s fresh ideas were at the time) A perfect example of a bad rubber stamp City Council.

Are those constant NO votes from Yun* and Boggiano (the NO-bbie brothers) really because they are just “looking out for JC residents” or are they just to show that they are Independents and screw it if it slows down Mayor Fulop’s vision for JC? Hmm funny their two Wards seem to be benefiting the most from the other Council members YES votes especially Ward C. From looking at the vote tallies from November 7th I think it is pretty clear we all trust what Mayor Fulop and his City Council are doing for our city. Why tie up progress with a chorus of NO votes.

*I don’t think Mo had a chance in Ward D against Yun…how can you compete with getting Christmas and Birthday cards from the bow-tied Crusader….err…Independent. (Gee I even put them on my mantel thanks Mike


Sorry as a resident of Ward A the mayors last pick was an embarrassment to this ward. Frank Gajewski has not done anything for the ward. All he has done is voted on giving abatement's to Journal Square and downtown. He is useless, and because of that I would never vote for the mayors pick.

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